On September 30th, the SMILE coordinator RINA Consulting S.p.A (RINA) organised a workshop at Sustainable Places 2021 conference by involving two other key SMILE partners: Centre for Research & Technology of Hellas (CERTH) and University of Groningen (RUG) partners.

The “Clean Energy Transition of the Islands in H2020 Funded Projects: Present and Future Trends” workshop, in addition to SMILE, has seen the contribution of the following H2020 funded projects adhering to the BRIDGE initiative: IANOS (GA n°957810), INSULAE (GA n°824433), REACT (GA n°824395), ISLANDER (GA n°957669), MAESHA (GA n°957843), GIFT (GA n°824410), ROBINSON (GA n°957752) and NESOI (GA n°864266).

Actually, the lessons learnt of these projects dealing with the decarbonization and clean energy transition of islands were presented by experts in the field. Hence, an overview of the state of the art about demand-side management and energy management systems was presented by CERTH, followed by an outlook of the renewables and energy storage technologies adopted in the EU island panorama proposed by Veolia, as coordinator of the REACT project. Then sector coupling view was presented by RINA and the importance and the status of the regulatory framework and energy communities by RUG. The NESOI project illustrated the ongoing technical assistance activities at several EU islands.

After the presentations, during the round table the focus was on the importance of collaborative approaches fostered by the H2020 research projects for overcoming the challenges and, above all, on the actual barriers and opportunities in the energy transition of islands and local community engagement scenarios in the different islands.