The SMILE battery doubles the worth of the photovoltaic plant.

A sailor arriving in the Ballen marina plugs the boat into a new electricity post with sockets. The sailor checks in by self-service over the mobile telephone. Then the socket turns on. Those sailors, who wish to avoid technological hassle, get humane service from the harbour master and his busy assistants in the old-fashioned way. The electricity is green anyway.

The electricity comes from Samsø’s wind turbines and from the marina’s own photovoltaic panels. The marina consumption rarely fits the production hours of the panels, but the marina has a large innovative battery, which saves excess production for later use. The marina manages to use 89 percent of the solar production while the rest is sold to the public grid. Without the battery, the self-consumption would be only half (43 percent).

The marina and the sailors gained several benefits from the project, see the following list: More sockets, more power (larger fuses), more 3-phase sockets, higher voltage, better service, fair payment for the electricity, an upgrade of the incomer fuse from the public grid is postponed, the view of the sea remains intact, and the plant is yet another spot to visit for energy tourists including journalists.

For technical details, see the fact sheet in the public archive of the Samsø Energy Academy,