The first automated capacity test on the SMILE battery systems is completed and it seemed successful with regard to the automatic process!

All the SMILE Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) will be operating according to planned smart grid control for the remainder of the project. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic planned on-site measurements to assess battery degradation during operation is prohibited, so automated remote testing was set-up instead. To monitor any measurable degradation in the BESS systems a total of four remote capacity tests will be applied to all SMILE BESS’ ending with a three months interval.

In December 2020 the first automated battery capacity test was conducted simultaneous on all the installed batteries in the project. The test was successful for all the battery systems available online. Of all the 14 SMILE battery systems only two residential battery systems were not available for testing due to internet connection issues.

Energy vs. Voltage profile: large 200 kWh Battery Energy Storage System installed at Ballen Marina on Samsø,
Energy vs. Voltage profile: smaller residential Battery Energy Storage System located on Madeira.

The automated remote measurements on the residential batteries are in general slightly noisier than the larger battery systems leading to more uncertainty on the capacity assessment. Since on-site measurements are prohibited due to the pandemic, the automated remote tests seem to provide an acceptable alternative, even with slightly noisier data. Combined with the 24-7 online monitoring of all battery systems, the capacity test provides critical and comparable information. When all four planned remote capacity tests are completed, in early September 2021, significant capacity changes (if any) will be assessed versus temperature and load patterns.