We are glad to announce that after DAFNI, also project partner New Energy Coalition has now also become one of the Supporting Organizations of the Clean Energy for EU Islands initiative.

The Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat was funded in 2018 to enable the clean energy transition on EU islands. EU islands can apply for support from the Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat to improve the expansion of individual renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in their local community. Basic principal is that if the best environment for a change wants to be assured then all members of the island communities should benefit from a balanced collaboration between public and private stakeholders. For this reason, the Secretariat is using the quadruple helix approach, helping citizens, local authorities, local businesses and academic institutions work together.

For this purpose, after project partner DAFNI, New Energy Coalition (NEC) has also pledged to support island communities in their energy transition voyage. The route to full decarbonisation of EU islands entails determined act and a joint effort. NEC will help EU islands to enhance their wellbeing and resilience by assisting them in realizing their transition to clean energy resources.

Specifically, NEC will work on the way to:

  • Assisting the members with clean energy relevant expertise and experience;
  • Sharing knowledge, network, best practices, tools and resources appropriate to the members of the Clean Energy for Islands Initiative;
  • Collaborating with other Support Organizations of the Clean Energy for EU Islands Initiative to reinforce islands communities, and foster their joint and coordinated clean energy action
  • Developing new island related projects leading to islands’ full decarbonisation.