We are delighted to announce that seventy participants were present during the interactive workshop day on Texel on the 28th of November!

We aimed to use the knowledge and experience gained on the islands of Madeira, Samsø and Orkney to develop concrete sustainability steps for Texel.

The day started with a welcoming speech by Texel’ councillor J. Vlaming followed by  an introductory presentation about the SMILE project. Thereafter, P. Lijklema gave a short presentation about Texel as a living lab for the energy transition which aroused many people. Lijklema showed specific data on the energy consumption and CO2 emissions of Texel indicating the urgency and the need for change. Shortly afterwards, the SMILE pilot islands were introduced and represented by J. Jantzen from Samsø, M. Hull from Orkney, and S. Scuri from Madeira. These inspiring presentations resulted in wealthy and interactive discussion about the possibilities and opportunities of an island in energy transition.

Presentation about the Ballen Marina in Samsø

Thereafter, SMILE partners Lithium Balance, Route Monkey, PRSMA, OVO/IETS, and Sunamp presented their technological solution to the participants and explained what they have contributed to the islands of Samsø, Madeira, and Orkney, which resulted in an interesting discussion about the possibilities on Texel.

In the afternoon three interactive workshops took place with the aim of helping Texel to create concrete sustainability steps. The first workshop was focussed on local power with the aim on answering the question: what are the options for the local generation of sustainable energy in or near Texel? The second workshop focussed on system integration with the aim on answering the question: how can we solve the knowledge points in the grid and how can system integration help with this? The third workshops focussed on working together with the aim on answering the question: what is the power of local cooperation and how do you organize and stimulate this?

Interactive workshop led by P. Lijklema

The exploitation seminar ended with the energy game ‘Rondje Texel’ developed by P. Lijklema. Each player represents a different stakeholder with different wishes and demands. Working together is the key when playing this board game.

Energy Game ‘Rondje Texel’