Ballen Marina Samsø

Brian Kjær, Samsø Elektro, presented solar batteries at the Samsø Energy fair. It is relevant even for households now.  

With a domestic solar battery, households can store the daily solar production, and use the energy after dark. Since hourly billing started, in early 2019, house owners have been looking for a possibility to store energy.

Brian Kjær presented the SMILE project at the annual energy fair on Samsø. He also demonstrated a commercial solar battery for households. The SMILE project has thus helped a local company establish a new line of business.

Owners of photovoltaic panels in Denmark used to have net metering on an annual basis. That is, the excess solar energy production was exported to the public grid, and subtracted from the imported energy –but only at the end of each year. Now, after the billing is hour-by-hour, the owner must sell excess energy to the grid at the end of each hour, and buy it back at a much higher price later. The house owner can avoid selling to the grid with a battery energy storage system. And it increases the household’s renewable energy share.


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