The empty cabin arrives at the Ballen marina.

The battery saves electrical energy for later. Visiting boats in the marina may tap renewable energy from the battery round the clock.

The battery energy storage system arrived mid-December to Samsø. Partner Lithium Balance delivered the battery after a so-called factory acceptance test. A larger, steel cabin houses three battery cabinets. The cabin is hidden inside a maritime style, wooden building on the pier.

The floor space of the cabin is 8 square metres with 2.3 metres from floor to ceiling. A steel frame makes the cabin portable. Inside insulation and three layers of gypsum protect against fire. An air-conditioner keeps the temperature in a narrow range around 20 ⁰C and free from moisture and salt — as far as possible in the marina environment. A future photovoltaic plant will supply the battery. Boats can then use solar energy even after sunset


Jan JANTZEN, Samso Energy Academy <>

Michael KRISTENSEN, Samso Energy Academy <>