Poul Alberg Østergaard from Aalborg University presented at the SDEWES conference in Palermo his latest study “Business and Socioeconomic Assessment of Introducing Heat Pumps with Heat Storage in Small-scale District Heating Systems”. This study will be online available soon. Jan Jantzen and  Michael Kristensen  from  Samsø Energy Academy and  Hannah Mareike Marczinkowski from Aalborg University coauthored to this study. Authors investigated the transition of district heating systems on the Danish renewable energy island Samsø. The authors demonstrated that from a general systems perspective, heat pumps would give a positive impact when factoring in the ability to exploit locally available fluctuating renewable energy sources and local biomass availability constraints, business economic analyses demonstrate a more uncertain feasibility of the potential switch and also demonstrate that added flexibility through extensive heat storage and overcapacity on heat pumps does not pay.