The project team in Samsø has extensively worked on possible energy solutions to solve the challenges arising from the fluctuating energy consumption: what type of energy plant should be installed and which size fits better within the project?

The main task was to implement an integrated energy system at the marina and its surroundings, comprising the renewable generation (PV panels) linked to a central storage unit (BESS) and the distributed battery storage on the boats. Based on the budget of the project it was decided to install a smart grid in the Ballen Marina to fit the given load with a 240 kWh BESS (Battery Energy Storage) system where 80% (192 kWh) is available for operation within the first year.

As far as the renewable energy sources, at the end of the year 2017 the Samsø team had agreed on the best solution as the installation of solar power at the Ballen Marina in the range 30-120 kW PV. The size was chosen based on political decisions.

In 2018, the political decision has been made!

On 28 August the politicians in the Samsø municipal council have come together to make important decisions. The municipal council has agreed on investing by itself in a 40 kW photovoltaic plant to be built on the existing buildings on the southern pier of the Ballen marina. In the meanwhile, the development of the 240 kWh BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) including also a temporary housing is ongoing.